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Dr. Marcel Verbeek

The research of Marcel Verbeek is focused on the neurochemistry of neurodegenerative disorders, specifically dementia syndromes (such as Alzheimer’s disease) and movement disorders (such as Parkinson’s disease). One of the major aims of the research is to develop and validate biomarkers in body fluids (especially cerebrospinal fluid [CSF]) for (early) detection and diagnosis of these disorders. To achieve this aim active collaborations are established with researchers / clinicians within the Alzheimer Centre Nijmegen (ACN) and the Parkinson Centre (ParC) Nijmegen as well as with many international researchers. Besides this biomarker research, he is also interested in the study of the pathophysiology of Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. These type of studies focus on the aggregation properties of the amyloid β protein, its interaction with cerebrovascular cells and clearance across the blood-brain barrier, as well as the interaction of Aβ with other proteins in the brain.
Finally, the study of neurometabolic disorders is part of his research activities. 
The research is embedded in the Research Institutes Donders Centre for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour and the Nijmegen Centre for Evidence Based Practice of the Radboud University Nijmegen.
Publications of Dr. Marcel Verbeek