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Devic's NeuroMyelitis Optica

General cerebrospinal fluid abnormalities in Devic's NMO:

- Usually increased cell count. These may include neurophils. Cell numbers may fluctuate over time.
- Total protein is increased in CSF
- (Unique) Oligoclonal IgG bands are usually not observed in Devic's NMO; in approximately 25% of patients they are transiently present.

Specific cerebrospinal fluid abnormalities in Devic's NMO:
- Strongly increased GFAP and S-100b concentrations in acute phase, due to astroglial damage in the brain
- Normal CSF neuronal proteins, such as neurofilaments
PubMed CSF findings in Devic's NMO

In serum: anti-aquaporin-4 antibodies can be found.

Our laboratory offers fast and efficient analysis of the following compounds in CSF for the diagnosis of ADEM:

- Routine CSF analysis (cell count & differentiation), glucose, lactate, total protein
-Oligoclonal IgG bands by iso-electric focussing & immundetection
- Quantitative intrathecal synthesis of IgG, IgA and IgM


- S-100b
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