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Non-Alzheimer's Dementias

The following table provides a general overview of the Cerebrospinal Fluid abnormalities in the biomarkers total tau, phosporylated tau, amyloid beta42 protein and amyloid beta40 protein in several types of dementia.

 p-tau Amyloid beta42
 Amyloid beta40
 Alzheimer's Disease
 mild to strong increase
  mild to strong increase mild to strong decrease
 Vascular Dementia
 normal to mild increase
 normal normal to mildly decreased
 mildly decreased
 Frontotemporal Dementia
 normal or increased  
 normal or increased
 normal, sometimes mildly decreased
 Dementia with Lewy Bodies
 normal, sometimes mildly increased
 normal mild to moderate decrease

Click here for an overview of CSF findings in Alzheimer's Disease

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Our laboratory offers fast and efficient analysis of the following compounds in CSF for the differential diagnosis of dementia disorders

- t-tau protein
- p-tau protein
- Amyloid beta40 protein
- Amyloid beta42 protein
In addition we offer an assay to analyse Amyloid beta protein oligomers in CSF
Click here to download analysis protocols.