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Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders

Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) investigations in Parkinson's Disease (PD) and other, atypical, Parkinsonism Syndromes (e.g. Multiple System Atrophy, Dementia with Lewy bodies, Corticobasal Syndrome and Progressive Supranuclear Palsy) have resulted in the following observations:

- In all movement disorders, routine parameters, such as cell count, glucose, lactate and total protein are all normal. Also, unique oligoclonal IgG bands are not found in the CSF
- In PD patients, an identifying CSF biomarkers has - so far - not been identified. CSF of PD patients contains relatively low concentrations of the total tau protein (< 250 pg/ml), but normal amyloid beta42 protein and phospho-tau proteins concentrations
- In PD patients, relatively low concentrations of the dopamine metabolite HVA are found, but these are usually still within the reference range
- In PD patients, concentrations of alpha-synuclein in CSF are normal (Pubmed), although slightly decreased levels have also been described

- In Patients with Multiple System Atrophy CSF concentrations of total tau protein and neurofilament light chain are increased, and may differentiate MSA from PD patients (Pubmed)

In Corticobasal syndrome (CBS), CSF concentrations of total tau protein are increased, as compared to Parkinson's Disease and Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (Pubmed)

- Patients with Dementia with Lewy bodies have low levels of both the amyloid beta42 protein and of the neurotransmitter metabolite MHPG, and normal concentrations of total tau and phospho-tau protein and can be thus very well differentiated form patients with
Alzheimer's Disease (Pubmed)

Our laboratory offers fast and efficient analysis of the following compounds in CSF for the diagnosis of Neuroborreliosis:

- Routine CSF analysis (cell count & differentiation), glucose, lactate, total protein
-Oligoclonal IgG bands by iso-electric focussing & immundetection (requires both CSF and serum analysis)
- Total tau protein

- Phosphorylated tau protein

- Amyloid beta42 protein

- Neurotransmitter metabolites:
 - HVA
- 5-HIAA

- Neurofilament proteins

- Alpha-synuclein
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